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Thermal Insulation Association of Canada

Join TIAC and join your Industry colleagues across Canada to advance the Industry and expand your business opportunities. Manufacturers and Distributors join TIAC directly.

Contractors may Join TIAC directly or through affiliated provincial contractor associations depending on the province. There are six provincial contractor associations in Canada. These associations serve members of the industry at the provincial, regional and local levels:

- Association d'Isolation du Québec
- British Columbia Insulation Contractors Association
- Manitoba Insulation Contractors Association
- Master Insulators Association of Ontario, Inc.
- Saskatchewan Insulation Contractors Association
- Thermal Insulation Association of Alberta

To Apply for Membership
Contact the TIAC National Office for a membership application form and annual dues schedule. Please fill out the form state whether your company is a contractor, manufacturer or distributor.

Membership applications must be sponsored by two members of TIAC, one of them must be from the same section. All applications are submitted to the TIAC Board of Directors for final approval.

Affiliated Provincial Contractor Associations

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